Pulau bukom - Flaring on Pulau Bukom from Cyrene Reef

The Pulau Bukom site, Shell’s largest wholly owned plant, has a 500,000 barrels per day refinery and a steam cracker that produces more than 900,000 tonnes of ethylene a year. In September 2011, a blaze at the refinery took 100 firefighters nearly two days to put out and forced the oil giant to shut the plant. Shell Fined 80000 for 2011 Pulau Bukom Refinery Fire Oct 29, 2012 3 in critical condition after Pulau Bukom fire SINGAPORE — Three people are in critical condition after a fire broke out at Shell’s Pulau Bukom Manufacturing Site today (Aug 21). The Pulau Bukom Fire - YouTube

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Jan 08, 2019 Shell fined S$400,000 for Pulau Bukom fire that injured 6

Sep 29, 2011

Shell Fire Singapore: Shell Fire in Singapore at the Pulau Bukom Refinery? Shell's two other Bukom units are running at about 90%. The unit that was shut down was earlier already "running at 70-80% since its restart from maintenance last month, in part due to weak margins". “Shell Plant Explodes”1994: Belpre, Ohio | The Pop History Dig Aug 26, 2018 Pulau Bukom Island on Fire - News Update Pulau Bukom Island on Fire: Fire during Shell Singapore Refinery Contained: During Royal Dutch Shell’s petroleum formidable offshore Singapore is still burning, though has been contained, nonetheless it was not transparent what impact a glow was carrying on operations. “We endorse that a glow in a Pulau Bukom Manufacturing Site occurred currently during approximately 1.15 p.m. Emergency