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Change MTU For PC (Windows & MAC) - Jun 25, 2019 Configure MTU to maximize network performance Configure the maximum transmission unit (MTU) for your Calico environment. Value. Optimize network performance for workloads by configuring the MTU in Calico to best suit your underlying network. Increasing the MTU can improve performance, and decreasing the MTU can resolve packet loss and fragmentation problems when it is too high. AnyConnect VPN for Windows 7 | IT@UMN | The people behind MTU should be set to 1500. If not, type the command: netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Local Area Connection" mtu=1500 store=persistent The interface name may be different, but this is the most common configuration.

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Shown Below IS the output of the assigned MTU Confirmed by Windows 7. * Local Area Connection 2 IS the AnyConnect VA. The table below contains reference information.This is how the MTU value will be assigned to the AnyConnect VA while decreasing the MTU of physical NIC. The overhead calculation of DTLS turned out as expected. How to change MTU value on Windows - PureVPN Oct 25, 2018