When the Mak-90 was first introduced, several LEO friends of mine bought them, and then re-worked the thumb-hole stocks to give them something that resembled a pistol grip. I managed to keep my Mak-90 original, along with my NHM-91. Oh, and this Mak-90 has a barrel nut welded to the end of the barrel. It uses the slant-cut recoil-check.

Maktab al-Khidamat - Wikipedia 2020-7-10 · Il Maktab al-Khidamat al-Mujahidin al-ʿArab (in arabo: مكتب خدمات المجاهدين العرب ‎), o semplicemente Maktab al-Khidamat (MAK), è stato fondato nel 1984 da ʿAbd Allāh Yūsuf al-ʿAzzām e Osama bin Laden per raccogliere fondi e reclutare mujahidin stranieri nella guerra contro l'Unione Sovietica in Afghanistan. Il MAK è stato il precursore di al-Qāʿida e Page (livre) — Wikipédia 2 days ago · Lexique. Page de garde : on appelle « page de garde » ou « feuillet de garde », ou simplement « garde », le ou les feuillets vierges de tout texte imprimé et de toute illustration qui se trouvent avant la page de faux-titre ou la page de titre, essentiellement les deux pages qui se font face immédiatement après la couverture d’un livre relié.

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I was at a gun show and found a MAK 90 Instruction (Owner's) Manual at one of the tables. I have copied this manual as a JPEG and as a PDF. The manual makes no claim of copyright. Here's a picture of the cover: If there is an interest for the PDF to be posted let me know where/how to post it. It's about 5 MGb. The Mark L (Mark 50) is Tony Stark’s fiftieth Iron Man suit. It was built after the Mark XLVII. The Mark L has been used to battle Thanos and his allies. This armor is more advanced than any other previous armors, the entire armor is stored inside the detachable Arc reactor on Tony's Chest, it possesses many capabilities and useful functions for Tony to use at his disposal. Full text of "Norinco Mak 90" See other formats MADE IN CHINA BY NORINCO SHENZHEN BRANCH Add: North Building, Shennan Zhong Road. Shenzhen, China Tel: 365432, 353443 Telex: 420271 CNICS CN Fax: (0755) 365429 . 365424 Cable: 0022 Shenzhen Postcode: 518033 INSTRUCTION MANUAL MODEL MAK-90 SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE Warning: Before using this firearm, read carefully and follow these instructions. Norinco MAK 90 Semi Automatic Rifle This sporterized version of the Soviet-designed AKM rifle was produced for export in the People's Republic of China. To qualify for import under c.1994 American firearms laws, the buttstock had to be in the thumbhole configuration and a ten-round magazine was the only capacity offered.

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Geert Mak – Wikipedia 2020-7-21 · Mak kann in der jeweiligen Verbindung einer Heiligen Schrift mit Menschen keinen wesentlichen Unterschied erkennen und will die Öffentlichkeit auch davor warnen. Im Gefolge des Mordfalls konstatiert Geert Mak eine „moralische Panik“. In den Medien des Landes und vor allem im Internet habe sich „jahrelang aufgestauter Fremdenhass“ entladen. Definisaun Sistema Informasaun Teknologia - …