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After this not working, I tried disabling the avahi-daemon service entirely. sudo systemctl disable avahi-daemon. After a reboot I tried a couple of permutations in /etc/nsswitch.conf again, with no effect. with my current settings in hosts (files dns) I get this response: dig login.name.local # not the actual name Ubuntu DNS cache (resolver cache) is a temporary database that contains records of all the recent visits and attempted visits to websites and other internet domains… DNS cache may become corrupt at some point and may prevent you from resolving websites and other internet domain names if that happens… HNS Container Networking - ICS DNS (TCP-In), associated to svchost.exe. HNS Container Networking - DNS (UDP-In), for any program. I'm at Windows 10 Pro build 19564 with WSL2, using regularly Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS and Docker CE 19.03.6 (from the Ubuntu packages provided by Docker [1], not the new experimental Docker for Windows that uses WSL2). Roughly, the IP network was working fine, but DNS resolution was not anymore. It happened intermittently, but I could see that this mainly happened when I was suspending my laptop, going to another location and resuming. Forcing the VM to use a public DNS would solve the issue. 1. Background. Here is a bit of background. Apr 20, 2017 · Trying to set up a network monitor with Ubuntu and Observium - everything is working fine except local name resolution. Teh Ubuntu server is on a vmWare host. DNS servers on the Ubuntu are set to local domain. outside resolution works fine . I can ping outside anyplace I want by IP or by name. I can ping internally and externally by IP address Oct 06, 2017 · Quick fix This site cant be reached Ubuntu [DNS_PROBE_FINISHED]/fix DNS server errors (Technoder) - Duration: 1:34. TECHNODER 25,768 views

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Apr 08, 2020 · I tried Ubuntu on two different PC’s one was certified by Ubuntu to work. Neither has WiFi issues when installing, but upon first boot and logging in neither could recognize the WiFi card. I can understand why many first time average users give up on Linux desktop. DNS resolution is an important service, without it functioning properly domain names will not be correctly resolved to IP addresses preventing other network services from working correctly. Therefore it is equally important to know how to troubleshoot DNS issues on a Linux client and fix any problems to reduce disruption. For some reason, the DNS look-up fails and the failure gets cached. So far, this has only been a problem for certain domains hosted on the server. Restarting the system-resolved service fixes the problem.

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I am configuring my reverse dns server, after installation then I run the following: nslookup Server: Address: ** server can't find 89. You need to differentiate between your bind misconfiguration and not-working forwarders. You can verify whether the forwarders are working or not using a command like: $ dig @ www.google.com If you received a valid response, it is a working DNS server and so on. You may need to add an explicit allow-recursion in your bind May 30, 2018 · Hi, I have assigned custom on-premise DC IPs as DNS servers to Ubuntu VM, but can not resolve any internal FQDNs from internal network. Windows Azure servers under same subscription are able to resolve internal IPs and are joined to on-premise domain. Ubuntu 18.04 netplan/nameservers not working? 7 posts Coleman. Ars Legatus Legionis then your DNS request will be handled by your DNS servers first and not by your mdns/avahi service carmine changed the title microk8s.enable dns not working in snap version 278, 266 microk8s.enable dns not working in snap version 278, 266 if executed too soon. Nov 11, 2018 Copy link Quote reply Jun 02, 2020 · Downloading To get Multipass for Windows, download the latest installer from our GitHub releases page - it’s the .exe file. Prerequisites Hyper-V Only Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, version 1803 (“April 2018 Update”) or later is currently supported. It’s due to the right version of Hyper-V only being available on those versions. VirtualBox Multipass also supports using VirtualBox as a Oct 19, 2016 · The DNS suffix that Azure creates cannot be modified. You cannot manually register your own records. WINS and NetBIOS are not supported. Hostnames must be DNS-compatible. Names must use only 0-9, a-z, and '-', and they cannot start or end with a '-'. See RFC 3696 Section 2. DNS query traffic is throttled for each virtual machine.