Dec 15, 2019

Project: RaspberryPI as a DNS Server | Pi-Hole | Jarrod's Tech Mar 08, 2020 How to setup a DNS server with PowerDNS | Raspberry Pi May 22, 2016 Free Public Pi-hole - If I would install my own pihole on a raspberry pi device connecting to a recursive dns server installed on the same pi device , assume everything works ok. And I would connect a client laptop with openvpn client to an external vpn provider to the other side of the world where I would integrate my own private configured pihole running at home Raspberry Pi DNS, NTP, DHCP and Active Directory server

Raspberry Pi DNS Settings: How to Change the DNS - Pi My

Feb 19, 2020 Parental control with DNS filtering on Raspberry Pi - HADA

Raspberry Pi: Pi-hole Ad-Blocking + Unbound DNS + WireGuard VPN. This project is centered around getting a Raspberry Pi set up on a simple home network in order to block ads and naughty DNS requests, secure the DNS requests of all devices on the network, and provide a VPN solution for when any of these devices are outside of the network and would like to take advantage of the security (and

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