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Feb 10, 2017 · In Azure terminology, a Site-to-Site (S2S) VPN is a VPN connection between two gateway devices. It allows communication between subnets on-prem and in an Azure virtual network. Gateway devices on-prem are usually firewalls, like pfSense in this post. In Azure, we can use Azure VPN gateway or we can set up our own virtual appliance for this purpose. May 04, 2017 · Testing: If you want to test the Dev version of your site or if you want to make sure your software works in different regions, a VPN is necessary. Why Choose A VPN Server Location Near Yourself. On the other hand, there are benefits to picking the geo-location you are physically present in as your VPN server location. The first reason for Go to the VPN > Site-to-Site VPN page. In the Site-to-Site IPSec Tunnels section, click Add. Enter a Name for the VPN tunnel. Configure the same settings for Phase 1 and Phase 2 as for Location 1. Specify the network settings: Local End – Select Passive. Local Address – Select (the WAN IP address of Location 2). VPN-X: Java Cross-Platform L2TP/IPsec/P2P/SSL/TLS VPN Server/Client solution. VPN-X Server support following clients: iOS(iPhone, iPad) L2TP/IPsec built-in VPN Android L2TP/IPsec built-in VPN Nov 06, 2017 · This article will outline what you need to enable secure remote access for your on-site/on-premise FileMaker Server for your users and developers. While an increasing number of business are moving their FileMaker custom apps to the cloud, there are still valid reasons for self-hosting with your own on-site FileMaker Server.

Jul 02, 2017 · 3 – On the new wizard select Remote Access (dial-up or VPN). 4 – On the next page select VPN. 5 – Here select network adapter that connects your server to the Internet. 6 – Here select network adapter that connects your server to the VPN Clients. 7 – Here you can choose the method of distribution for IP addresses – via DHCP or manually.

Site to site VPN, or dedicated server Closed 2017 at 22:50 UTC. would it be acceptable or recommended to use a site to site VPN (our firewall has this option We setup a Point-to-Site azure VPN gateway to allow us to connect to our Virtual Machines and azure SQL instance. The gateway is linked to the Virtual Network where our VM's live, and the Azure SQL has a firewall rule to allow connections from That virtual network. We are able to connect to the VM's but not to the Azure SQL. 1)Site to Site VPN 2)Remote Access VPN While Site to Site VPN uses a security method called IPsec to build an encrypted tunnel from one Customer network (generally HQ or DC) to the customer’s remote site between whole or part of a LAN on both sides, Remote access VPN connect individual users to Private Networks (usually HQ or DC).

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Apr 12, 2017 How I made my own VPN server in 15 minutes – TechCrunch Apr 09, 2017